Minibus Hire With Driver

Minibuses are a terrific way to get about for small groups. They are convenient and zippy, able to manoeuvre around city streets and handle well on the open highway. However, driving a minibus can still be tiring, meaningless fun for someone in the group.

By hiring a driver along with the bus, everyone in the group can participate fully in your trip. All the passengers can socialise on the road, and have fun at the destination. Whether the trip is for the evening, or for a week, a professional driver will make your time on the road more pleasant.

Professional drivers bring a lot of benefits to the package. As experienced drivers, they’re familiar with the vehicles and can get the minibus to ride smoothly. Our drivers are also familiar with the Newcastle-under-Lyme region, so getting lost in town will not be a problem. They are aware of the traffic patterns, and congestion localities, and are usually able to plan routes around these problems.

When you hire a driver, you don’t have to worry about looking for a parking space. The driver will collect you, and set you down at the door of your destination. When the weather is unsettled, this will minimise your exposure. If you are visiting a show or an event, the driver will arrive early and will attempt to maintain your schedule, so that you enjoy your time out.

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