33 Seater Bus Hire

When you are travelling as a large group, it is often easier to travel by bus, rather than in individual cars. At Newcastle-under-Lyme minibus hire, we can supply a well maintained 33-seater bus for your day out. Our buses are less than six years old and are serviced regularly, to keep them in peak condition.

When hired without a driver, the latest navigational kit will help the driver get to the destination along the best route. However, if your driver would like to enjoy the ride, we can supply a professional and friendly driver to move you around safely and efficiently. Drivers are available for the day, or for an extended period. and are ideal for multi-stop trips, to adventure parks or for regional tours.

Newcastle-under-Lyme minibus hire has fitted out our 33-seater buses with a range of features to give you a pleasant and entertaining ride. The cabins are spacious, utilizing space-saving elements and ergonomically designed seating, to provide you with a relaxed and comfortable experience. Our minibuses and coaches can be hired with the latest onboard entertainment facilities to keep you entertained as you travel.

Our friendly team at Newcastle-under-Lyme minibus hire, are waiting for your call. They are knowledgeable about a fleet of vehicles and can advise you on the best solution for your needs. Buses are available on short notice, or they can be booked in advance.