Birthdays are a time of celebration for all. For children it is a fun time with friends, often somewhere exciting. Party venues for children can create a memorable experience, but they are not always easy to reach. Getting there with excitable children can be a less-than-memorable moment, for many adults.

For adults, it is often subtler, a meal out with close friends. These events, although enjoyable, can be marred in getting to these events, or maybe returning afterwards. Finding parking, losing keys or being stopped by the police on the way home, can ruin your birthday.

Hiring a Newcastle-under-Lyme minibus or a coach can remove some of the travel stress associated with a birthday celebration. Using a minibus or a coach to take children and their parents, to Alton Towers Resort, or somewhere similar, can keep all the group together. Coaches and buses can drop the group off at the gate and can collect you again when you are ready to leave.

Hiring a driver alongside our luxurious Mercedes 16-seat executive coach can allow family, and close friends, to have a night on the town. The driver can collect you from your house, drive you to a restaurant, then onto a show at the New Vic Theatre, returning you safely home at the end of the night.

The team of friendly advisers at Newcastle-under-Lyme minibus hire will be able to help you choose the best option for the next birthday in your family. Whether booking in advance, or as a last-minute booking, we will help you find the best solution.

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