8 Seater Minibus hire

For family days out, why not enjoy the day as a family. Hiring an 8-seater Newcastle-under-Lyme minibus hire can make your family day more enjoyable. Travelling together in one of our minibuses, instead of in several cars, will ensure everyone makes it to the same place.

Our industry-standard vehicles are well-equipped with modern technology and can ensure you get to your destination on time. They are reliable and maintained well, and as with all our vehicles, less than six years old. These minibuses are ergonomically designed and fitted with space-saving features to ensure a pleasant ride.

When hiring a driver with your Newcastle-under-Lyme minibus hire, your day out can be even more pleasant. Riding around together, in one of our spacious and comfortable vehicles, you can socialize as you travel. Enjoying the comfort, and arriving relaxed, ready to enjoy your day or night.

Our punctual drivers, can collect you from the door, and will take the hassle out of getting you to your destination. Whether zipping across town, or a family day at a theme park, you will be able to relax while our driver gets you where you need to go.

To book a Ford Galaxy 8-seater minibus, or to make enquiries, speak to a member of our Newcastle-under-Lyme team. Whether booking a vehicle in advance or for immediate use, we will do our best to meet your needs.

8 Seater Minibus hire Newcastle-under-Lyme

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