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Vehicles used by Newcastle-under-Lyme minibus hire

We at Newcastle-under-Lyme minibus and coach hire, have dedicated ourselves to this industry. And our wide range of experience in this field has enabled us to accumulate a rich fleet of minibuses and coaches, ready to serve your current needs. Our vehicles are all less than 6 years old, and are ready for hire, with or without one of our chauffeurs. The vehicles are serviced regularly and are maintained in a first-class condition, to enable us to provide a safe and reliable service to our clients.

Volkswagen Crafter 16-Seater Minibus Standard

Nominated Van of the Year in 2017, is economical and practical. There are additional features. One example is the Park Assist, which allows you to park easily with an intelligent parking assistance system. It also has plenty of space for all your luggage needs and incorporates 14 lashing rings to keep your luggage stowed away safely, attached to the walls and floor of the vehicle.

Renault Master range 16-Seater

The Renault Master range was launched in 2010. The range includes a number of vehicles with different body styles. Some features that are available in a selection of the vehicles are lashing rings to keep luggage safely stowed, electric heated door mirrors, alarms and a remote locking system. These easy to drive vehicles are ideal in the confines of the town and are powerful enough for the open road.

Iveco 16 -22-Seater Minibus Standard

Is available in a useful range, incorporating different of seating configurations, a back access-ramp and much more. The back-row seats can be removed by us by request, to allow more storage space inside the vehicle.

8 to 16-Seater Ford Transit Minibus Standard

This vehicle gives peace of mind incorporating top quality components, providing a need for less maintenance over a longer period of use. Larger boots are also available. These transits are zippy in town, moving through the narrower streets with ease.

Executive Minibus Mercedes 8 and 16-Seaters

VIP travel and short or long journeys are a breeze with our special travel service. These vehicles give pure enjoyment, ensuring a comfortable, attractive and cost-effective experience. Designed with the needs of corporate executives, and exclusive clients in mind, these minibuses have a range of unique features.


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